Project 2: Poultry Processing in the Food Industry

In this 2011 project our task was to combat drug-resistant salmonella. Our project partners were a manufacturer of large poultry processing plants in North Carolina, USA; North Carolina State University and a German manufacturer of watering troughs.

Problem and Solution

Presentation of the problem: massive loss of profit due to multi-resistant salmonella. The high amounts of chlorine required for disinfection led to the shutdown of entire plants by the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) due to excessive levels of chlorine concentration in the air. Our solution: a combination of water-purification in the chiller, and a final product rinse.


Preliminary tests have proven high effectiveness against salmonella-contamination from poultry processing. Internal tests have shown that the amount of chlorine can be reduced drastically. The final rinse with OxyCat®-activated ozone water will also increase shelf life. For even better results, we can also add SilverSan® to your packaging.

Your benefit: With our new Alox catalyst, we now have a solution that is both easy to implement and cost-efficient.

The same solution can be implemented in other similar settings anytime. We provide the skills and expertise for successful implementation. There are no third-party rights.

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Facts and Figures

  • Task: combating drug-resistant salmonella
  • Project partners:
    • manufacturer of large poultry processing plants in North Carolina, USA
    • State University NC, USA
    • German manufacturer of watering troughs
  • When: 2011
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