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SilverSan AG – Production and
Distribution of OxyCat®

OxyCat® specialty catalyst – an innovation for making water treatment more efficient and more eco-friendly. Welcome to SilverSan AG, your technology partner for water treatment with our OxyCat® specialty catalyst.

What Are the Advantages of the OxyCat® Specialty Catalyst?

The bottom line: Improved performance at lower cost!

Production site

Our OxyCat® catalysts are manufactured in Münchberg, Germany; according to our patented SilverSan® manufacturing process. PaSta AG, Principality of Liechtenstein is our licensor. PaSta AG is the holder of all relevant patents and also provides the necessary expertise.

How OxyCat® Works

How do OxyCat® catalysts work? Their unique properties are owed to the catalysts’ surface structure. OxyCat® is available in the form of granules, braided fabric, knitted fabric, powder and coated carriers.

The main advantages of OxyCat® are:

OxyCat® can easily be integrated into any existing treatment or storage system at no significant additional cost.
The OxyCat® boosting effect reduces the amount of chemicals required for water treatment by up to over 90 %. Hence, end products such as drinking water or food are basically residue-free.
For the purpose of contamination control, oxidants like oxygen already present in the water are sufficient. No additional chemicals necessary.
This leads to overall cost reduction and significant quality improvement.
The main advantages include drastical reductions of chemical and energy consumption as well as residue-free drinking water and food. Why? Because we are emulating the self-purification process of freshwater streams. In this process, OxyCat® plays the role of oxygen-activating enzymes.
The OxyCat® firewall is a comprehensive concept to protect water and water systems, even during stagnation.

Our Goals at SilverSan

We mainly see ourselves as your technology partner. Together with our sister company PaSta AG, we offer the crucial expertise as well as the actual product for implementation.

Our role:

As your B2B partner we are happy to help you tweak your existing products and improve your internal processes. Please refer to our B2B brochure for more details.

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