Project 3: Dairy Cattle and Poultry Farming

Dairy cattle and Poultry Farming

During this project from 2008 to 2011, our task was to improve water quality in watering troughs. Our project partners were a Canadian water treatment company and a German manufacturer of watering troughs. Over the course of this project we repeatedly conducted field tests on five dairy farms in Michigan, USA and two poultry farms in Canada and Michigan, USA.

Problem and Solution

Since water quality is vital for animal health and feed conversion, it was our goal to achieve a significant improvement. Our solution was the optimization of the purification process by adding OxyCat® fabric to the last cleaning step, as well as adding OxyCat® granules (solid) to the tank for iron removal, and the greensand filter.


As a result, we were able to lower the mortality rate of dairy cows while improving overall animal health. For poultry, we were able to reduce the fattening period by several days.

Your benefit: With our new Alox catalyst, we now have a solution that is both easy to implement and cost-efficient.

The same solution can be implemented in other similar settings anytime. We provide the skills and expertise for successful implementation. There are no third-party rights.

Annotation: In the meantime, we have developed a complementary procedure for all different kinds of livestock breeding. It helps improve barn hygiene while also ensuring increased worker protection (farmer’s lung). This new procedure is based on a combination of OxyCat® + evaporative cooling + innovative evaporation units. Patent pending.

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Facts and Figures

  • Task: improving water quality in watering troughs
  • Project partners:
    • Canadian water treatment company
    • German manufacturer of watering troughs
  • When: 2008 – 2011
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