Other Promising Approaches

  • Task: protection of water systems and their components
  • Project partners: You – our valued customers
  • Task:
    • air conditioning via evaporative cooling for hotels as well as power plants
      • longer service life of filter mats
      • reduced chemical consumption
      • protection against legionella related to spray
    • swimming pools
      • prevent skin irritation and red eyes
      • reduced chemicals consumption
      • use of chlorine-free disinfectants
    • protection of filter membranes
      • longer service life of membranes
      • block-free membranes
        • lower energy costs due to minimal pressure drop
      • no breakthrough of microorganisms = increased safety
    • develop new solutions together with our customers in order to meet their specific needs
    • increased process reliability
    • lower cost
      • energy savings
      • chemical savings
      • maintenance savings
      • lower investment cost
        • enhanced performance = smaller plant
      • improved public image thanks to sustainable solutions
      • diversified product portfolio with new and unique products

Your Benefit

You can relate to one or more of our fields of expertise? Got more ideas? We look forward to hearing from you and taking your ideas to the next level!

We look forward to hearing from you!

heinz.stadelmann@silver-san.com or mail@pastaag.li

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